Mango Materials is a start-up company working to produce environmentally friendly, biobased, naturally occurring biopolymer from rapidly renewable resources.

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) Internship

Ideal start-date: March-June 2017

Pay: up to $8000 stipend (depending on time worked)

Work location: Oakland/Albany/Redwood Shores, CA

Mango Materials is a start-up company working to produce environmentally friendly, biobased, biodegradable biopolymers from rapidly renewable resources. We are seeking an intern to help with day-to-day research studies and laboratory experiments. This position is a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

We are looking for a currently enrolled undergraduate student who is comfortable in a fast-paced, start-up environment and is willing to work long and/or irregular hours. Candidates should be comfortable working independently, without direct supervision. Candidates should excel at multi-tasking and may be asked to help with varied tasks relating to all aspects of the business.

We are interested in students who can start work immediately on a part-time basis and work full-time over the summer but will also review candidates who can only commit to the summer period.

The mission of this position is to use various research and laboratory practices to assist with investigations of bioplastics from methane.

The outcomes of this position:

  1. Operate bioreactors to optimize growth of microbial cells
    1. Prepare and optimize mineral media and other solutions
    2. Monitor pH, temperature, DO and other key parameters at regular intervals
    3. Sample bioreactor and perform subsequent analyses
  2. Perform research related to downstream processing to separate biopolymer from cell mass
  3. Conduct high-throughput screening of microbial cultures and media
  4. Calculate yields and rates of bioplastic production
  5. Set-up and maintain system of pumps, mixers and sensors
  6. Monitor dissolved gases and other compounds in solutions
  7. Maintain and prepare required solutions
  8. Analyze end polymer characteristics and process biopolymer under different conditions
  9. Plan, design, and carry out experimental research
  10. Maintain cleanliness in the lab
  11. Perform laboratory and other company related duties designated at the discretion of the supervisor

The ideal candidate has experience:

The candidate must be:

Must have reliable transportation to Albany, CA area. Days in Redwood Shores will be required during the summer months.

The pay for this position is dependent on experience and hours available during the school year.

To respond to this ad, please send an email to jobs@MangoMaterials.com. Please include a short (less than 100 word) cover letter addressed to Mango Materials. Please paste it into the body of the email and specifically mention why you would be great for this position. It is ok to still attach your standard cover letter and resume to the email. Also, please change the title of the email to, “2017 REU for Mango Materials your-last-name”. After you have signed the email please add a “PS” with one or two sentences describing what you would ideally like out of this job.

Please note, we will be reviewing resumes immediately.