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Biopolymers From Waste Methane Gas

“How close are we to reinventing plastics?”

Seeker recently featured Mango Materials in their video series called “How Close Are We?” The “How Close Are We to Reinventing Plastics?” video showcases the work Mango Materials is doing to produce biopolymers from methane. To view the video, click here.

Mango Materials included in Vogue article about sustainable fashion

Vogue magazine recently featured Mango Materials in an article titled “Your Next Puffer will be Filled with Flower Petals, not Feathers”. This article describes the future in the sustainable fashion space. These innovations include flower down, mushroom leather, and polyester made from methane. To read the full article, click here.

Mango Materials named one of the 50 Next Companies to Disrupt the World

During the recent ABLC Next conference, Mango Materials was announced as one of the 50 Next Companies to Disrupt the World by Biofuels Digest. This list comprises of biotechnology companies that are on the journey to commercial scale with an emerging technology. At the ABLC Next party on October 31, VP of Customer Engagement accepted the award from Biofuels Digest founder, Jim Lane. For an entire list of the 50 companies, click here.

Mango Materials featured on NPR’s Morning Edition

Mango Materials is honored to be featured on the 06/17/19 episode of Morning Edition in a segment called “Replacing Plastic: Can Bacteria Help Us Break the Habit?” Interviewed by Chris Joyce, Molly, Allison, and Anne discuss the Plastics Age, how Mango Materials came to be, and how they are working to solve the plastics pollution problem. The segment also includes some insight from Dr. Ramani Nayaran of Michigan State University, who advocates for PHAs and the proper use of the term biodegradable. Click here to read the article and listen to the segment.

Mango Materials joins Fashion for Good’s Scaling Programme

Mango Materials is excited to announce our acceptance into Fashion For Good’s Scaling Programme. As a follow-up to the Accelerator Programme, where Mango Materials participated in Spring 2018 (Batch 3), the Scaling Programme will help accelerate the journey to commercialization of PHA biopolyester. Mango Materials will be working with the Fashion for Good team and their corporate partners in the form of pilots and projects, along with branding activities. To read more about the new innovators in the Scaling Programme, click here. To read more about Fashion for Good, click here.