Thomas Ermacora highlights four companies presenting at the 2017 Near Futures Summit

In a post for World Positive, Thomas Ermacora discusses a dawn of new alchemists where companies are doing good things for the environment and turning the current way on manufacturing on its head. The four companies in this session include, Global Thermostat, OPUS 12, Mango Materials, and BIG. Each of these companies are looking for ways to get things done now in order to transform problems into solutions. Click here to read more about these new alchemists.

U.S. startup Mango Materials’ new process for biopolymers featured in Packaging Business Review

Packaging Business Review Staff wrote an article based on the Energy.gov blog about Mango Materials collaboration with the Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU). This collaboration allows Mango Materials to test parts of their process at larger scales using a grant from the Department of Energy. Ultimately, the Mango Materials’ process will enable the creation of biodegradable and petroleum-free materials that can replace persistent plastics. To read the full article in Packaging Business Review, click here. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Mango Materials’ collaboration with the Advanced Biofuel Process Demonstration Unit highlighted in Energy.gov blog

As part of the US Department of Energy’s Small Business Voucher program, Mango Materials is working with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Advanced Biofuel Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU) to test parts of their biopolymer production process. Dana Bye from the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy talks about Mango Materials and this collaboration in a recent blog post. Click here to read her post!

Huffington Post writes about LAUNCH Circular Innovation Summit

Mango Materials was proud to be selected as an alumni innovator (LAUNCH Green Chemistry Cycle) to participate in the Circular Innovation Summit. This summit brought together members from large companies, start-ups, and other sectors (government, investment, etc.) to discuss the future of the circular economy and how we can all work together to get there. The Huffington Post summarized the two-day summit along with featuring two awesome companies, Kiverdi and Ecovative. Click here to read the Huffington Post article.

Mango Materials named #5 Hottest Emerging Company in Bioeconomy

Mango Materials was named the #5 Hottest Emerging Company in the Bioeconomy 2016-17 by Biofuels Digest. In 2014-15, Mango Materials was ranked #33 and in 2015-16 was #37. Biofuels Digest hosts their annual Hot 40 and Hot 50 rankings to recognize biotechnology innovation and achievement in fuels, biobased chemicals, nutrition, health, genetics, and materials. The rankings are based 50 percent on votes from an invited panel of distinguished international selectors, and 50 percent on votes from subscribers of The Digest andNuu. Overall, more than 100,000 individual company ratings were received from panelists and voters in the annual Hot 40 and Hot 50 rankings. The Hot 40 recognizes smaller, emerging companies founded in the past 7 years. To see the full list of Hot 40 companies, click...