Mango Materials is a start-up company working to produce environmentally friendly, biobased, naturally occurring biopolymer from rapidly renewable resources.

Entry-level laboratory assistant internship

Ideal start-date: February 2017

Pay: $1000/bi-weekly (every other week, before taxes are withheld, for the duration of the 6-month internship).

Note: We are ideally looking for team members who would like to continue working with us at the end of the temporary internship. When this happens we offer our permanent team members healthcare, vision, & dental.

Work location: 800 Buchanan St., Albany, CA


Mango Materials is a start-up company working to produce environmentally friendly, biobased, biodegradable biopolymers from rapidly renewable resources.

We are looking for an assistant to help in our laboratory who is comfortable in a fast-paced, start-up environment and doing a variety of lab-related tasks. Candidates should be comfortable working independently, without direct supervision. Candidates should excel at multi-tasking and be flexible and will likely be asked to help with varied tasks relating to all aspects of the business.

We anticipate that the hours will be roughly 9:00AM – 5:30PM, but there may be some flexibility.

This is a temporary 6-month position with the goal of becoming a permanent research position. Full healthcare benefits are offered to permanent employees.


Key lab assistant duties:

The ideal candidate is:

And has

When responding to this ad, please send an email to jobs@mangomaterials.com and include a short (less than 100 word) cover letter addressed to Mango Materials. Please paste it into the body of the email and specifically mention why you would be great for this position. It is ok to still attach your standard cover letter and resume to the email. Also, please change the title of the email to include your first and last name and “LA 2017 for Mango Materials”. After you have signed the email please add a “PS” with one or two sentences describing what you would ideally like out of this job. Please note that this current posting is an entry-level position and that this is a 6-month internship that ideally turns into a permanent position.

Additionally, we plan to post more job openings in the near future on both Craigslist and our company Facebook page. If you think you might be a match for Mango Materials, please feel free to follow the instructions above, but clearly state what sort of job is an ideal match. We will likely be soliciting applications for a lab coordinator and research scientist in the near future.